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Hangover Free Alcohol The day-after misery that comes with excessive tippling may soon be history. Korea's Sunyang has created an oxygen-infused fizzy liquor called 02 Linn that researchers at South Korea's Chungnam National University claim causes fewer, l ess severe hangovers and — thanks to its high-oxygen content — allows imbibers to sober up again in under 30 minutes. While the study's author, Kwang-il Kwon, confirms that adding oxygen bubbles to alcohol "could provide both clinical and real-life significance," is it too good to be true? Bloggers are having a lot of fun with the news:

Ladies Only Toilets on Aircrafts to be introduced. All Nippon Airways will introduce ladies-only lavatories on almost all its international routes from March 11, and other flight operators may follow. There has been a big demand from women travellers for restroom facilities in recent years, the airline said. Also, according to a survey the airline had conducted among its customers, men felt uncomfortable when a woman went into the restroom immediately after them. The “Women Only” signs on the doors of one lavatory aboard each aircraft, however, will be lifted when there are very few female passengers aboard the aircraft or when a male passenger is feeling unwell and needs to use the restroom. The ladies-only lavatories aboard a commercial aircraft is the second of its kind in the world, the airline said, after Korean Air introduced a similar system last year.


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